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  • What is the maximum weight I can send?

    Within Singapore: 30 kg per shipment

    International Shipments: Please refer here for country-specific weight limits.

  • When can I expect my shipment to arrive in the destination?

    The delivery time varies depending on the type of Speedpost service you’re using, and where you are shipping to. Plus, items may be subject to customs inspection, which may in turn affect the delivery time. Try our Track and Trace system for up to date information on your shipment location. 

  • I have an item to send. How do I arrange for a collection?

    You can login to www.ezy2ship.com as a guest if you are not a corporate customer. Here, you can prepare, pay and print the label for your shipment as well as schedule an item pick-up.

    You can also call our hotline at 1800 222 5777 (if you’re in Singapore) or +65 6222 5777 (if you’re outside Singapore) to arrange for courier collection. Please note that a booking fee of S$5 will apply for phone bookings, and some services may incur additional doorstep collection fees.

    If you are a corporate customer, you can login to www.ezy2ship.com with your assigned ezy2ship User ID and Password to prepare and manage your shipments as well as arrange for courier collection. 

  • What is the maximum allowed size of item to be shipped?

    There are specific weights and dimensional limits that apply globally for all of our services.

    Local delivery:
    For small packages not more than 2kg, the maximum size is 32 x 25 x 10cm.
    For large packages up to 30kg, the maximum length is 1.5m; and Length + 2Width + 2Height must not exceed 3m.

    International delivery:
    EITHER a maximum length of 1.05m with Length + 2Width + 2Height not exceeding 2m, OR a maximum length of 1.50m with Length + 2Width + 2Height not exceeding 3m.

    Check the size limit of a specific country here for more detailed information. 

  • How do I know whether the location that I am sending to is a restricted area?

    Please see the list of restricted postal codes here. Take note that we do not deliver to restricted areas.

  • Would there be any charges in the event that I need the courier to wait whilst I prepare the shipment?

    There is a waiting time of up to 10 minutes with a charge of $2 for every 5 minute block.

  • How does your Customer Service Officer advise me on the postage of the shipment if I do not know its actual weight?

    Simply quote us the estimated weight of the shipment. Upon arriving at Speedpost Processing Centre, we will weigh your shipment and advise you if there is any difference in weight. If you have paid in excess, we will arrange to have it refunded to you. Your shipment will be held back if there is a shortage of payment. Hence we recommend that you estimate a higher weight to avoid any delay.

  • Can I send items addressed to a Post Office Box Address?

    Most overseas destinations accept items addressed to PO Box addresses. Please write the recipient’s contact number on the consignment note. For more details on your destination country, take a look at our Service Guide. 

  • What should I do if my recipient did not receive the shipment I sent?

    Our Track and Trace system has up to date information on where your shipment is. Please refer the Service Guides for the transit time to your destination.

    If your shipment does not arrive by the delivery time stated, please
    chat with us or call us at 1800 222 5777 (if you’re in Singapore) or +65 6222 5777 (if you’re outside of Singapore) for assistance.

    Please get in touch only after the stipulated delivery time. We will not be able to advise you if your item is still in transit to the destination.

  • I do not know the actual weight of my item. Can I still send it?

    Please write/print the gross weight of your item on the consignment note or ezy2ship shipping label. At the Speedpost Processing Centre or post office, we’ll weigh your shipment with a calibrated weighing machine and our Customer Service Officer will inform you to top up the difference if your parcel is heavier than what you have given. 

  • When will my item be available to the Post Office or POPStation for self-collection?

    Post Office: After 2 pm the next working day at designated Post Office from the date indicated on the Delivery Advice.

    POPStation: 7 am the next working day from the date indicated on the Delivery Advice.

  • How long will the items be at the PO or Popstation?

    Your item will be available at the designated Post Office for 5 working days OR 5 calendar days for POPStation collection from the date indicated on the Delivery Advice. 

  • What will happen to my item if it is unclaimed at PO or Popstation?

    If you don’t collect your item within the stipulated time stated on the Delivery Advice, the item will be redirected to the General Post Office (GPO) at SingPost Centre and you will receive a reminder notification. It will stay at GPO for another 5 working days. If not collected, it will be sent back to the sender or discarded depending on the sender’s instruction on the consignment note.

  • Where can I get packing materials?

    You may visit the nearest Post Office branch to get packing materials depending on your needs.

    Alternatively, if you are our corporate customer, you may order packaging supplies from your sales representative. You may view the supplies available here.

  • What type of packing materials available at the Post Office?

    Our Post Offices offer a wide variety of packing materials ranging from boxes, types, bubble wraps and cushioning material depending on your needs. You may visit the nearest Post Office branch to find out more.

    To view the full range of materials available, click here.

  • What are considered prohibited items and dangerous goods?

    Items classified as Dangerous Goods (DG) and Prohibited are articles, objects and parcels that cannot be shipped out and be delivered under Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and International Air Transport Authority (IATA) regulations. Please click this link to find out more.


  • What services does Speedpost offer?

    We provide a range of services from international and local delivery services for businesses and consumers, as well as end-to-end solutions like warehousing and freight. For a more detailed look into what we can do for you, take a look at What We Offer.





Locker Alliance

  • What is Locker Alliance?

    Locker Alliance offers an open access delivery network comprising of parcel lockers and collection points to enable consumers to collect parcels at their convenience. This extensive network ensures that the consumer is able to easily access the nearest locker to their homes, or in their daily commute on the public transport network.

    SingPost is the provider of Locker Alliance parcel lockers and collection points in Punggol, adding 43 Locker Alliance parcel lockers to the already extensive POPStation parcel locker network.

  • How to use Locker Alliance?

    Shop online with any of our participating retail partners and select your preferred Locker Alliance parcel locker as your collection point.

    A unique PIN will be sent to you via email/sms when your parcel has arrived and ready for collection!

  • Why use Locker Alliance?

    Locker Alliance brings convenience to the consumers as they are able to collect their parcel anytime, at a preferred Locker Alliance locker!

  • What are the locker sizes for the SingPost Locker Alliance parcel lockers?
    • Small (cm) : 47 x 46  x 15
    • Medium (cm): 47 x 46 x 29
    • Large (cm): 47 x 46 x 45
  • Who can use Locker Alliance parcel lockers?
    • Customers of Locker Alliance participating retail partners and online merchants.
    • Logistics service providers who have integrated with Locker Alliance.
  • What other functions does Locker Alliance offer?

    In addition to parcel collection, consumers can return their items bought online at participating merchants. Returns are not available at Locker Alliance lockers at MRT Stations due to security reasons/

  • How do I collect parcels from Locker Alliance?

    After selecting Locker Alliance Locker as your preferred collection point, you will receive an SMS and email notification once the parcel is delivered to the Locker Alliance locker and ready for collection.

  • How much time do I have to collect my parcel?

    You will have 48 hours from the time you receive the SMS and email notification to collect your parcel.

    If you are not able to collect your parcel within 48 hours, please contact your delivery provider for more information and alternatives.

    If your parcel is delivered by SingPost/Speedpost, your parcel will be routed to the General Post Office at SingPost Centre (10 Eunos Road 8, Singapore 408600). You will have an additional 5 days to collect the parcel.

  • Can I authorise someone to collect my parcel?

    You may authorise someone to from Locker Alliance lockers on your behalf by forwarding the SMS or email notification to your chosen authorised person at your discretion. Please note that you will bear full responsibility for supply the confidential message details to a third party to collect the parcel on your behalf.

  • None of the issues I am facing is listed above / I need more information.

    Please contact our customer service hotline at +65 6422 2920.


  • What are the payment options available?

    You can pay us by cheque (mail to our head office) or cash (at Post Offices) if you do not have a corporate account with SingPost.

    Shipments made via ezy2ship can be paid for with a credit card.

    POPStations accept NETS and credit cards.

Failed delivery

Enhanced Liability

  • Can I get higher coverage for my shipment?

    You can opt for additional coverage when booking your shipments. You can also get independent advice from an advisor before buying any of our coverage plans.

    Please note that indirect or consequential loss or damage (including but not limited to loss of profits, business and anticipated savings), or loss or damage caused by delays are excluded.


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