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Service Announcement

Service Announcement: Please take note that delivery leadtime within Brazil will be extended for 2 (two) days till 31 December 2017 in all zones due to operational adjustment. From 1 January 2018 onwards, delivery leadtime will resumed back to normal.


Service Announcement: CorreosChile has advised that it is relocating its Santiago international office of exchange between 7 and 11 December 2017. Delays are expected in the processing and delivery of all inbound postal items to Chile.


Service Announcement: Please take note snowfall at Airport Frankfurt (FRA) on Sunday, 03.12.17 has caused flight delays and cancellations. This could lead to service disruptions.


Service Announcement: Hellenic Post – ELTA in Greece has provided updates on the delays in the handling of inbound postal dispatches and delivery of items following the implementation of new customs procedures on 10 July 2017. The situation has returned to normal except for letter post items, where there is still a backlog for inbound mail, owing to customs delays. In cooperation with Hellenic Post, customs authorities have taken steps to speed up the process as the situation continues to improve. Hellenic Post does not expect great improvements during the Christmas peak period.


Service Announcement: SN La Poste in Senegal, wishes to inform that the SNDKRA office of exchange will be transferred following the opening of the new Blaise Diagne de Diass International Airport (IATA code: DSS), on 7 December 2017. This could lead to service disruptions.


Service Announcement: The following Post Offices that are opened on Sunday will be closed at 1pm on 31 December 2017 (New Year’s Eve):

  • General Post Office (SPC)
  • Orchard Post Office (ORC)
  • Jurong Point Post Office (JRP)
  • Clementi Central Post Office (CMC)


Service Announcement: The Australian Government has recently imposed prohibitions on the carriage of air cargo that has originated from or transited through Turkey. This prohibition only relates to electromechanical devices weighing over one kilogram. Examples of these items include manufactured goods with an electric motor such as an electric powered sewing machine. This legislation change is in addition to existing prohibitions on the carriage of air cargo that has originated from, or transited through, Syria, Egypt, Bangladesh, Yemen and Somalia.


Service Announcement: The designated operator of the Philippines, Philippine Postal Corporation, wishes to inform the designated operators of other Union member countries that, owing to the hosting of the 31st ASEAN Summit and Related Meetings, the Philippine Government has declared 13, 14 and 15 November 2017 special non-working days in the National Capital Region and the provinces of Bulacan and Pampanga. Delivery of all classes of mail and parcels will be affected.


Service Announcement: Any items containing the following cannot be sent to New Zealand due to the biosecurity risk that could cause damage to New Zealand's environment and economy. Please adhere to these restrictions to avoid any unnecessary delays, destruction/seizure of contents, or additional cost to the addressee resulting from the removal of such materials. Plant material (e.g. seeds, bouquets, conifer sprigs, Christmas cards with seeds, pot pourri); Trees including pine/spruce (e.g. Christmas wreaths, pine cones and wood chips); Animal products (e.g. honey, meat);Fresh food (e.g. chestnuts, citrus); Wooden items and products.


Service Announcement: Deliveries to Brazil may face delays due to a backlog at Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport.


Service Announcement: Please note that Deutsche Post will continue to prohibit all lithium batteries and cells (including devices/appliances containing these batteries and/or cells) for shipments exporting to Germany.


Service Announcement: One of the trade unions representing postal workers of Cyprus has announced a half-day strike for Monday, 16 October 2017, from 8.00 to 12 noon local time. This will affect both international and domestic dispatches and delivery of items in all mail classes.


Service Announcement: As a result of Tropical Storm Nate, the Government of the Republic of Costa Rica has declared a state of national emergency. All postal services have thus been suspended as of 5 October 2017. This will lead to delays in the processing and delivery of letter mail, parcels and EMS items.


Service Announcement: Belgium Post wishes to that the trade unions of the public sector have called for a 24-hour strike, starting today 09 October at 22:00, and finishing tomorrow 10 October at 22:00. Postal sorting and delivery will be disrupted.


Service Announcement: Due to extreme weather conditions in the Caribbean, affected by hurricanes Irma and Maria, operations has been impacted in Saint Martin (French part of the Island); (SXM and SFG); Saint Barthélemy (SBH); Guadeloupe (PTP); and Martinique (FDF). Please expect service delays and disruptions in these regions.


Service Announcement: Due to the earthquake that struck Mexico on Tuesday, 19 September 2017, inbound and outbound postal operations are suspended at Mexico City International Airport.


Service Announcement: Please expect service delays in Hong Kong due to Typhoon Hato as operations has been affected.


Service Announcement: Vanuatu Post has advised that Cyclone Donna, a category 5 storm, is affecting the whole country, with airlines suspending all flights. The receipt and dispatch of all postal and courier items have been suspended.


Service Announcement: Correos de Chile, would like to remind that prohibited items should not be sent through mail, including airmail, surface mail, and mail in closed transit to other countries. The following are the prohibited items most frequently received by Correos de Chile: Lithium batteries on their own; Uninstalled lithium batteries with equipment and Flammable liquids, e.g. perfume and nail polish.


Service Announcement: Poste Italiane has advised that the processing of registered mail will be delayed and status updates for registered items may lag delayed or be incomplete due to system upgrading. Additionally, a 24-hour national strike is planned for 5 April 2017. This will cover the entire air transport sector including pilots, air traffic controllers and ground handling staff. The strike is expected to cause delays for all mail and SpeedPost items.


Service Announcement: To facilitate custom clearance, the designated operator of India asks, where available, the addressee's contact details (landline/mobile number and e-mail address) to be included on letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items sent to India.


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