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Service Announcement

Service Announcement: Vanuatu Post has advised that Cyclone Donna, a category 5 storm, is affecting the whole country, with airlines suspending all flights. The receipt and dispatch of all postal and courier items have been suspended.


Service Announcement: Correos de Chile, would like to remind that prohibited items should not be sent through mail, including airmail, surface mail, and mail in closed transit to other countries. The following are the prohibited items most frequently received by Correos de Chile: Lithium batteries on their own; Uninstalled lithium batteries with equipment and Flammable liquids, e.g. perfume and nail polish.


Service Announcement: Poste Italiane has advised that the processing of registered mail will be delayed and status updates for registered items may lag delayed or be incomplete due to system upgrading. Additionally, a 24-hour national strike is planned for 5 April 2017. This will cover the entire air transport sector including pilots, air traffic controllers and ground handling staff. The strike is expected to cause delays for all mail and SpeedPost items.


Service Announcement: To facilitate custom clearance, the designated operator of India asks, where available, the addressee's contact details (landline/mobile number and e-mail address) to be included on letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items sent to India.


Post Office Relocation

Post Office Relocation: Marine Parade Post Office will be relocating to Blk 81 Marine Parade Central #01-642 on 10 Apr. Its last day of operation at Blk 86 (#01-670) will be on 8 Apr. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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